The Kief Collector (Patent Pending)

The Kief Collector (Patent Pending)



The Kief Collector is a unique double sided kief collecting jar made with thick borosilicate glass, aluminum-plastic lids, and an adjustable screen. Jar can hold up to 14 grams of Cannabis. The best way to get the maximum results are using daily. Results vary from person to person and strain to strain.


  • Product includes:

    Jar, Two lids, Screen, and Scoop

  • Borosilicate Glass

  • 300 Micron screen lined with food grade silicone

  • Item weight: 6 0z

  • Shipping weight: 9 0z

  • Item dimensions: 3’x3’x6’

  • Manufacturer # : N/A

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More Info

Ambition Defined has created another alternative for consumers of cannabis to extract Kief from their plant. Our Patent Pending product is a jar that has openings on both ends and contains a mesh filter. Before this product, there was only one way for consumers to extract kief and that was by using a grinder. But when using a grinder, the only time you’re collecting kief is when you're physically grinding the plant. The product we have here today is called The Kief Collector. What is so convenient about using our product is that it has a dual function because it works as a storage device for your plant and also extracts kief. So not only are users storing their cannabis in style but they will also be getting the max value out of their plant.