Terpenes the Macgyver of cannabis


What are terpenes?

Terpenes naturally come from the cannabis plant. They contribute to the flavor, smell, and overall smoking experience. Each plant, even the same strain, can have a different level of terpenes. Terpenoids are organic hydrocarbons found not just in cannabis plants but all other plants. Evolution created these oils to protect, attract, and ward off other animals. Neurologist Ethan Russo did a study in 2011 on the different compounds and molecules in the cannabis plant. Which revealed the importance of the different effects on the body's endocannabinoid system. Revealing how crucial terpenoids are the marijuana experience.

How are they used?

When using terpenes in cannabis, it is different than just using terpenes from other plants. There are a lot of different ways to consume cannabis with or without terpenes through different processes and extractions. Cannabis flower always has terpenes while edibles may or may not contain terpenes. Not all full spectrum oils are going to be loaded with terpenoids because of their volatile state meaning they can evaporate during the production of the cooking process. So people sometimes insert what is missing at the end making the full spectrum oil have the same “entourage effect” as regular cannabis. So most edibles can give you the same effect as smoking your terpenes except you can eat them. When it comes to cartridges they have a wider variety of flavor because they can extract and add whatever terpenes they want into their product. For example, in the state of California, they have many cartridges with a chart that shows the different flavors or benefits. There are endless possibilities of using terpenoids from the cannabis flower. There are a vast amount of plants that share some of the same terpenes as cannabis that we eat almost on a daily basis. Terpenes are in all plants from around the world.

Why they are important?

Since Terpenes are found in almost any living plant there are a mass amount of benefits. There are over two hundred profiles, making the possibilities in your flower endless. You know when you come across a strain that changes your whole experience of getting high. Let’s talk a little as to why that happens. You're trying a different terpene profile that consistent with that strain. Ultimately making it a new experience when you find that perfect bud for your body and mood. When you have anxiety, find a flower with Pinene because it will help calm the anxiety when smoking it. Another benefit of terpenes is how they affect the different colors and smells in different cannabis. This is due to different levels of terpenes in each plant. As previously exampled Pinene has a strong smell of pine it is found in not only cannabis but some pine needles, dill, basil, and parsley.

All in all, terpenes contribute to the flavor, smell, and overall smoking experience. They are used in plants, editable, oil, and more. Terpenes are found in almost any living plant, and they can affect the different colors and smells of cannabis.