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Cannabis Safety

Coming June 20, 2019


Are you storing your cannabis correctly?
April 2019


Why is CBD so important?
June 2019

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Terpenes the Macgyver of cannabis
June 2019


The Kief Collector

The Kief Collector is a unique double sided kief collecting jar made with thick borosilicate glass, aluminum-plastic lids, and an adjustable screen. Jar can hold up to 14 grams of Cannabis. The best way to get the maximum results are using daily. Results vary from person to person and strain to strain.

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Starve your distractions, and feed your focus
— Unknown


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Giving Back

Beginning July 2019

Here at Ambition Defined, we are blessed with many things. Us being us, we’d like you to help our company give something back too. Now with every purchase we will donate a portion to a charity of your choice from our list of accepted charities!


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Photo Credit : Russel Balan